bench consulting

A team of placemakers focused on helping hyper-local projects come to life to support vibrant, thriving communities.

our approach

Identify latent opportunities to revitalize and reinvent main streets, downtowns and commercial centers through meaningful community & stakeholder engagement paired with strong local and global inspirations.


Build an understanding of stakeholder desires while sharing examples of what’s possible.


We’ll put our collective heads together and scour our experiences and the world for the best placemaking project ideas that could fulfill stakeholder desires.


Present ideas and inspirations from all over the world for interventions for stakeholder feedback and final ideation.


Support communities as they work to turn their shared visions into reality and turn tired spaces into vibrant places.


All placemaking is iterative. After the first interventions, we’ll continue to engage, plan and help you and your community build and adapt to early success and the inevitable missteps.

the team

Placemakers, City Champions, Community Advocates, Artists, Creatives, Outdoor Enthusiasts.

Ebrahim Varachia
Community Strategist
Ebrahim is the President & Co-Founder of Patronicity, a civic & community...
Jonathan Berk
Creative Director
Jonathan is a passionate advocate for the power of main streets and downtowns and is...
Bridget Anderson
Lead Consultant
Community Advocate
My first memory is watching the sun come up from the porch swing of my small Indiana...
Mahala Clayton
Defining herself as both a City Mouse and a Country Mouse, Mahala split the time...
Tim Heaphy
Web Developer
Code Jockey
Tim is a technologist with a passion for the things that can make a difference in...
Barbara Lash
Marketing Director
Barbara is a multi-talented, veteran marketer, designer, and artist. She developed...

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