bench consulting

A team of placemakers focused on helping hyper-local projects come to life to support vibrant, thriving communities.

At Bench Consulting we help you unlock the potential in the ordinary. We are dedicated to helping communities take a second look at neglected, underused spaces and work with everyday users to unlock the power of these places. Powerful change through the connection of people, place and ideas.


We'll help you identify & activate latent opportunities to revitalize main streets, downtowns and commercial centers through meaningful community & stakeholder engagement paired with strong local and global inspirations.

placemaking plan

1-4 month engagement

The Placemaking Plan is designed to meet you where you are. Our team will research your opportunities and assets and generate an outcome oriented roadmap.

single intervention

3-12 month engagement

We'll use all of our expertise from research, ideation, community engagement and fundraising to help implement the strategies you need to see your project through to completion.

long term engagement

1-5 year engagement

Are you fully invested in creating vibrancy throughout your community or project? We’ll work with you and your community in stages so that you can build a strong, iterative placemaking movement!


who we are

We’re a team of city builders and placemakers with experience across a broad spectrum of placemaking projects in cities and towns large and small. We’re passionate about bringing out the best in the places we work in by partnering with the surrounding community.



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